May 5, 2024 Feature Release

Feature Release v1.3.1

Another batch of features, updates, and bug fixes are hitting the site this week. We have added quite a number of new features including flags, owner farm details, multi-national currencies, and much more.

1.0    Multi-national Currency Representation

Formerly, we only had the ability to list stud fee currencies in USD. Now, we have the ability to list stud fees in whichever currency is requested. USD, CAD, GBP, etc. – we're setup for the world's currencies now.

Pages effected: Stallion page, stallion listing (search)

Dream to Kiss
Listing result for Dream to Kiss

2.0    Change of Default Sorting

We've had a few requests to change our default sorting to Name A-Z instead of sorting by YOB oldest to youngest. You can now find that change live in the listings and in our links.

3.0    Bold for Positive Diseases

Did you find it hard to tell which diseases a stallion was positive for? We've had multiple requests to bold diseases that are positive so that at-a-glance, users can quickly identify what will and won't work for their mare(s).

Bold Disease
Bold treatment on positive disease panels

4.0    Stallion Book Full

Is your stallion's book full for the season? Simply shoot us a quick message letting us know and we'll mark him as such on the platform. He won't be removed, but he will have a badge on his photo distinguishing him as such. On January 1st of each year, we will clear these settings so that your stallion will have the badge automatically removed.

Pages effected: Stallion page

Down Right Amazing
Page for Down Right Amazing

5.0    POA Stallion Links Added

Thanks to a few wonderful POA stallions finally arriving on the platform, we've now added links for those horses in our menu and footer.

6.0    Owner Farm Locations & Flags

For greater user-experience, we've added flags for quick recognition of stallion location. On top of this, we've also added the ability to add owner farm locations, which also have flags representing them as well.

Pages effected: Stallion page

Electric Snow
Page for Electric Snow

7.0    New Stallions

Each feature release, we keep track of the new stallions that have been added since our last release. Below you will find all of the new stallions, in the event you missed seeing their social posts:

8.0    New Programs Added

With the addition of more stallions comes the addition of new programs that they and/or their foals are eligible for.

  1. CBOBF: Cornhuskers Breeders & Open Barrel Race Futurity
  2. GFBFHI: Go For Broke Full House Incentive
  3. GIF: Gridiron Futurity
  4. LS: Legendary Stakes
  5. MNFT: Minnesota Breeders Incentive
  6. PESI: Pro Elite Sire Incentive
  7. TL: Tomorrows Legends
  8. WF: Western Fortunes The Breeders Incentive

9.0    Smaller Bug Fixes

Pagination issues are resolved. Formerly showing different pagination and an extra page on some browsers.
Fix of undefined index issue on stallion page for some users.
Stallion's pedigree error fixed – sire was listing incorrect colour and breed in some cases.
Stallion breadcrumbs were not showing multi-discipline if the stallion was in several. Now adjusted to show "WP / HUS / AA" or whatever the stallion is entered in appropriately in breadcrumbs on stallion pages.
Removed "Shipments" from tooltips for stallions available in different countries.

Do you have a bug report or a feature request? Reach out to us directly, or shoot us a quick note to our email at

Natashya V.
Natashya V.

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