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Welcome to, a platform dedicated to providing valuable insights and information about stallions. In our commitment to transparency and legal compliance, we want to address our copyright policy, particularly pertaining to content and imagery featured on this platform.

1. Copyright in Canada

In accordance with Canadian copyright laws, acknowledges and upholds the rights of content creators. Copyright is a crucial aspect of intellectual property protection, and we are committed to respecting the legal rights of authors and creators within the framework of Canadian law.

2. Written Content, Design, Functionality asserts copyright ownership over the original written content produced and published on this platform. This includes articles, blog posts, and any textual content created by our team. We value the effort and creativity invested in generating informative articles, and copyright protection ensures that this intellectual work is duly recognized and safeguarded.

In addition to asserting copyright over our original written content, claims ownership of the design and functionality of the website. The layout, graphics, and interactive elements that contribute to the unique user experience on our platform are considered intellectual property. This copyright protection ensures that the distinctive aspects of, which enhance user engagement and facilitate information accessibility, are safeguarded. We appreciate the creativity and effort invested in crafting a seamless and user-friendly design, and our commitment to protecting this aspect of our platform aligns with our dedication to providing an exceptional online environment for stallion enthusiasts.

3. No Copyright Claim on Imagery or Stallion Listing Content

It's essential to clarify that does not claim copyright on any imagery or content that forms part of the stallion listings on the platform. Stallion listings include information, images, and details of public domain that are provided by stallion owners and contributors. We respect the ownership and rights of stallion owners over the content on our platform.

4. Indemnification for Non-Commercial Use of Images

This legal statement serves as a declaration of indemnification for the utilization of images on this platform.

This legal statement is intended to clarify that the utilization of images on this platform does not result in any monetary or commercial advantage, and is undertaken with a thorough understanding of the legal framework surrounding criminal copyright infringement, as interpreted by relevant cases and legal experts.

5. Our Commitment to Fair Use & Transparency operates with a commitment to fair use and transparency. We aim to provide a platform that benefits stallion owners, enthusiasts, and the equine community at large. Our copyright policy is designed to strike a balance between protecting intellectual property and fostering an open and collaborative environment.

As we continue to grow and evolve, we remain dedicated to upholding legal standards, ethical practices, and providing a valuable resource for those passionate about the breeding of horses in stock horse industry. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our copyright policy, please feel free to reach out to us at